Oberammergau is situated in the beautiful Ammer valley in the upper Bavarian district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The Passion Play in Oberammergau

Here, where the Ammer river leads through the foot of the Kofel valley, the world-famous Passion Play takes place every 10 years. During the plague in the 17th century, the inhabitants of the village vowed to regularly perform Passion plays. Today, the play attracts more than half a million people.

Oberammergau craftsmen

But even apart from the Passion Play, which was last performed in 2010, the tradition-conscious community is worth a visit. Well-known examples are the local artisans, where the famous religious carvings are produced. Beautiful are also the numerous, with the so called Lüftlpainting (3-D painting) decorated houses in the old town center. On the facades of the forester's house, and on the Mußldomahaus Pilatushouse there are some outstanding examples of baroque art painting.

Natural treasure Ammertal

Worth visiting is the unique natural landscape in the Ammer valley, which even King Ludwig II was particularly fond of. He spent most of his life here, in a valley in Graswang, in his royal castle Linderhof. The rococo palace is richly decorated and has a magnificent park surrounding it.

Monastery Ettal

Another highlight appears just a few kilometres away in Ettal. The impressive Benedictine Basilica thrilles with its complex architecture, expansive gardens and incredibly beautiful frescoes.

Ammergauer mountainpine moorland

From a health perspective Oberammergau is highly recommended. Nearby are the spa environment areas Bad Bayersoien and Bad Kohlgrub with their beautiful summer and winter mountain pine moorland.

A holiday in the Ammer Valley offers many opportunities to be active, but also wonderfully quiet days of relaxation. Experience it for yourself and spend an unforgettable holiday in Oberammergau!

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