Castles and monasteries

Ludwig II. apparently knew exactly what he was doing when he built his famous castles in the enchanting landscape of Bavaria. The magnificent castles are magically nestled in the stunning scenery of the Bavarian mountains, as if it was never intended otherwise.

One world-famous cultural heritage is the castle of Neuschwanstein, the fairytale castle of an eccentric King, at the foot of the Alps, built on a rock, with stunning views of the Bavarian Alps and the Forggensee lake. It fascinates many visitors annually from around the world.

Linderhof was the only palace built by Ludwig II. that he lived to see completed in his lifetime. The magnificent castle with magnificent parks, arose from a royal Hunting Lodge that Ludwig II. had an emotional connection to from his youth it is less well known than the other castles of King Ludwig but just as impressive as Neuschwanstein.

No less interesting are Herrenchiemsee, which is located on the island of the Herrenchiemsee, and the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich. Both castles were as Neuschwanstein never quite finished, but still offer the visitor countless views, insights and impressions. The rococo decorations in Nymphenburg, for example, are considered the finest of its kind in Bavaria.

Apart from the palaces of the fairy king numerous other Bavarian castles and romantic ruins can be found. The monasteries of the country, especially Ettal are, because of its rich history and magnificent expansion always worth seeing. Frequently, in the rooms of the castles and monasteries there are exhibitions or art openings aligned, which makes the cultural monuments worth seeing twice.