Discover Bavarias natural beauty

Bavaria is blessed with many beauty spots. There is hardly a place in Bavaria, that doesn´t offer some fantastic scenery. It would be impossible to enumerate all the things that Bavaria has to exhibit, all the natural wonders, so here are a few examples:

The mountain pine moorland

In Bavaria are numerous moor landscapes. The mountain pine moorland in Bad Kohlgrub and Bayersoien are especially beautiful and valuable. That is because it is the base of healing and soothing mud baths. This type of natural spa is well known even outside the borders of the region.

The moor was created after the last ice age (15,000 to 10,000 BC), when the huge ice caps over northern Europe melted away and numerous lakes were left behind for which Bavaria is still known. Over thousands of years, through continuously added plant remains of sedges, reeds, willow and alder, a basepeat formation arose in the lakes. Around the water in the conserved residues of the settled plants, the first peat moss grew, followed by mountain pines.

In ancient times, the peat was dug out with special tools out the ground and left in blocks around a stick to be stacked for drying.

For the therapeutic mud baths, the peat is reduced to small pieces and heated with water and steam to about 40 °. The mud bath passes on the heat slowly to the body, and deeply relaxes muscles and joints. Many effects of the mud bath today are scientifically proven. Apart from that a mud bath is just thoroughly relaxing.

The meditation path

Walking is good for body, mind and soul. Here you will find not only relaxation and tranquility, but also time for contemplation and meditation.There is a meditation path starting from the Wies Church in Steingaden offering wonderful views of the Ammergau nature.

The meditation path of the Ammergauer Alps leads you through 15 stations from the Wies Church to Ettal and ends in Linderhof. You can walk through this unique and beautiful natural landscape totaling 85 k.m. The tour can also be run in daily stages.

The trail leads to some so-called power spots, inviting you to let your mind wander off to find your inner peace and to switch off from everyday life.